Advanced Voting

Registered voters in USD 442 may cast an advance ballot for the USD 442 school bond election.

  • Where — County Clerk’s office, Nemaha County Courthouse, Seneca
  • When
    • Normal office hours (until 4:30 pm) thru Friday, Nov. 2
    •  Saturday morning (Nov. 3)
    •  Until noon on Monday

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If we want our children to think success, we need to give them a school that says “success.” Have the courage and the wisdom to raise a definite bar of excellence. Imagine their future!

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Our Children, Our Future, Our Responsibility


School Location Facts

USD 442 Bond Issue Election

Below are some of the facts discussed during the public planning meeting held in the spring. The location of the proposed new pre k-8 grade building was arrived at after an open public process and upon a vote by the USD 442 Board of Education at an open meeting.

  • Fact — The proposed school south of the existing high school will allow for sharing of staff and save tax dollars over many years.
  • Fact — Rebuilding at 709 Nemaha would require displacement of K-5 students from the classrooms currently being used during rebuilding due to construction noise, heavy equipment dangers and safety.
  • Fact — If the students were displaced, at least 8 to 10 more modular unites would need to be rented costing additional tax payer dollars. This does not include a place for over 200 K-5 students and staff to eat lunch  and to have physical education.
  • Fact — Rebuilding at 709 Nemaha would require a two story building due to space limitations. To meet American Disability Act requirements, significant modifications would need to be made to gain full access to the building. This would be required.
  • Fact — Students at 709 Nemaha would still be going to school in basement classrooms and classrooms without windows. The public has said they do not want this for the children since another option is available.
  • Fact — Insurance proceeds may not cover the full cost to rebuild at 709 Nemaha since the building would have to be larger with more two story sections than the original building to accommodate all of the education needs.

 Previous generations had the foresight and made the commitment to educate our generation. Let us do the same for children in the future.

Vote YES on November 6th


Vote YES

The Facts

  • Fact — The proposed bond is for $6,355,000 or 49% of the cost of the actual projected construction cost.
  • Fact — Insurance proceeds and district capital outlay funds will pay for 51% of the actual projected construction costs. This saves taxpayers $6.8 million of the total cost and gives the district a new building at half cost.
  • Fact — The State of Kansas will make 28% of the principal and interest payment on the bond proceeds under a special building program.
  • Fact — In 1992 the district mill levy was 39.98. It has been dropped to 30.325 this year or a decrease of 24%. With 9.84 mills to pay for the building the mill levy will be 40.17 mills, only .19 of a mill more than in 1992.
  • Fact — The school district since 1992 has spent over $6 million to update district facilities without a bond issue or any public debt. All while the mill levy decreased.
  • Fact — The construction figures are an estimate at this point. With the passing of the bond election, specific designs will be created and the project will go through a bid process.
  • Fact — A school bid process is governed by K.S.A. 72-6760 and 72-6760b. This statue requires competitive bids and legal contracts awarded to the lowest responsible bidder.
  • Fact — The square footage of the proposed school is approximately 60,500 square feet. The previous school was 54,039 square feet, not including a planned 1,900 square foot modular.
  • Fact — Every school is different. It is very difficult to compare construction costs to another school because needs differ.
  • Fact — The insurance company will pay for the modular units for two years. If the bond is defeated, the school district will need to begin paying $126,000 per year starting in 2009. This money will come out of district funds that should be used for educating kids.
  • Fact — The project is not lacking or costing more due to the timeline of the designs.
  • Fact — HTK architects have extensive experience in the design process. In 49 years they have designed hundreds of schools across Kansas within or under budget.

News Articles:

Junior High Moved

With eight days until school starts, the junior high staff was getting a little antsy to get into their classrooms. Thanks to the assistance of community volunteers,, that became reality this morning as desks, filing cabinets, equipment, textbooks and a library were moved into the junior high “building.” Just as the move was completing, the electricians finished connecting the electricity providing lights and much appreciated air conditioning.

The large modular will house Mrs. Peterson, Mrs. Scism, Mrs. Honeyman, Mrs. Schmits, Dr. Beck’s office and a library. The smaller modulars will house Mrs. Thomas, Mrs. Renyer, Mrs. Rusche, Mr. Koch, Mrs. Ronnebaum and Mrs. Sperfslage.

Additional photos can be found at

Moving Day Approaching


Originally uploaded by nvteklib

As the start of school fast approaching so is moving day. The high school’s secondary gym is almost full of boxes, desks, chairs and furniture for Seneca Grade. One of the bays in the auto lab looks like its been invaded by “short people” since it is housing the furniture out of the kindergarten rooms. About a week ago, the surburbans were evicted from the suburban shed to make room for filing cabinets, boxes and furniture. All of this will need moved into the classrooms in the very near future.

Since the preparation of the classroom areas has been slowed, the start of school has been postponed until August 20th.

Modular Incomplete


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The large modular unit for the junior high classes is still missing one of its parts. Even though it isn’t complete, the construction workers continue to get the site ready for the new school year.

Demolition is continuing on the grade school site with the August 1st deadline fast approaching.

The second graders will have a “home” at 709 Nemaha this fall as their modular unit arrived and is being placed on the site.

Additional photos are on the Flickr site under the user nvteklib.

Board Tours Facilities

Originally uploaded by nvteklib

Last night the USD 442 Board of Education spent about an hour touring the construction, remodeling and demolition sites for the Seneca Grade School.
The evening started with tours of the two junior high modular units in place at the high school. Architects from Horst, Terill and Karst were present to help tour participants visualize the layout of the facilities once the large modular unit is in place. It is hoped that it will begin arriving this week.
The tour then moved to the 709 Nemaha site and began with a discussion of the modulars. Since the modular unit for the second grade is under construction, it is hoped that it will arrive at the end of the month.
Moving inside the building, the tour began with the newest wing which will house the 5th graders. It then moved downstairs to the old music and band areas. This area will become a music room and an indoor physical education area. The 1993 addition was next on the tour. The classrooms will house the 3rd and 4th graders. The basement will contain 2 classrooms, the computer lab, the library, the technology hub, the nurse’s office and serve as the lunchroom. The old junior high wing was next on the tour. Kindergarten and first grade will find their home in this area. The office will be located at the north end of this area by the main entrance to the building.
Moving back outside the tour group then got an upclose look at the progress of the demolition. Demolition is scheduled to be completed by August 1st. Last night the board approved AHRS as the construction manager for the back filling of the site. It is hoped that once the hole is filled, the fence can be moved making the playground available for the students. This is projected to be completed around Oct. 1st.
Since there are a number of things that could set back the availability of the various classroom facilities, the superintendent was given authority to change the school calendar if needed. Currently, they are planning to announce the start of the school year prior to enrollment on August 2nd and 3rd. Grade school and junior high parents should receive an “enrollment packet” in the mail by the end of the month. The grade school and junior high enrollment will occur in the high school commons.
Progress is also being made on a new facility. Horst, Terril and Karst are scheduled to have a preliminary design to the board by August 6th. The board will meet on August 9th to discuss the plans and meet with their bonding agent who will assist the board in the wording of the bond issue. The board approved a special election for a bond issue in November.

Additional pictures are available on Flickr.